potionseller - single

by The Taint

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released March 24, 2012

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Track Name: potionseller
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the finest product around, there's nothing quite like it, guaranteed. Just close your eyes for one second, just look, look, a little closer, closer...

I'd like to introduce a juice that will produce a special use
When you need to let one loose them hotties see you like a Zeus
And a Navy Seal fused, this juice shouldn't be misused
All them hotties will deduce they should drink your fresh squeezed pee pee juice

nip sip tip drip grip sip rip my taint

This drank may make you deuce but them babies won't refuse
Still huntin for clues like your crotch has got the blues
Let your loins hang loosey goose, rhymin stuff like Dr. Seuss,
When you drive into her puss just scream out Fus Ro Dah

Traveler please have a sip, this here potion gets you nip-
Ples are guaranteed, no refunds here's Lil' NasTea

Lil' Nastea hit the mike

I see a lady, she had my baby, she said "yours? maybe" she's driving me crazy
I see a honey, grabbed my money, my cute little bunny hit my skull with her gunny
I see the supermarket aisle melon pile, that girl has some style but she's got west nile
My biddies runnin to me and wanna just do me, if you wanna go through me then the potion handle to me